WELCOME TO PAPATOTSDelicious potato balls

We started developing recipes in 2014 and opened our store in November of 2015. We are located in the downtown area of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. When we moved to this coastal town we had no idea that we would be starting a fried potato restaurant. We had other business ideas but then reality slapped us in the face and we had to change our plans quite dramatically. The very first PapaTot was made when a fryer ended up in our possession. They were so good that we knew we had to bring this product to Puerto. We expanded on the classic recipe with different herbs, spices and cheeses. We have omitted flour, egg and preservatives from our product, preferring the flavor of 100% pure potatoes, and pair them with homemade condiments. Get ready, PapaTots will become your new obsession.

Nuestros EspecialesFresco y delicioso

Con Huevo
SG Sin Gluten
  • Breakfast
  • PapaTots x4
  • Ensaladas y BurriTots
  • y Más...
Frijole & Queso burrito
Chili beans, cheese, pico de gallo and salsa Diabla Verde aside.
Rancho Burrito
Scrambled egg, pico de gallo, avocado, cheese & ranch.
Burritot Kidoo
Plain Papatots, cheese Scrambled egg & Heinz Ketchup.
Burritot Italiano
Rosemary garlic Papatots, cheese, marinara sauce, tomato, basil dressimg & Scrambled egg.
Burritot Amanecer
Plain Papatots, Scrambled egg, chili beans, pico de gallo, cheese, avocado cream.
Chimichanga Mexicana
2 Papatots Mexicana, Cheese, covered with a potato, guajillo sauce, cucumber aguachile, avocado cream and pico de gallo.
Chilakile Burrito
Corn chips, red tomato sauce, cheese, Scramble egg, avocado cream and onion.
Taco Salad
Cucumber, carrot, tomato, scallions, corn chips, cheese, chili beans and ranch.

Ajo y Romero

Con curri
Eneldo y Limón


Queso Crema y Cebollin

Queso limón y chile seco
Rajas con Queso

Chilli and Cheese

Elija Aderezo:

  • Catsup
  • Catsup + Picante
  • Mostaza con miel
  • Ranch
  • Albahaca
  • Marinara
  • Chipotle



Fresca SG
Jitomate, Aguacate y Cebollin con aceite de albahaca y vinagre balsámico.
Asiática SG
Jitomate, Zanahoria y Pepino con aderezo de cacahuate


Nuestra receta original desarrollada en PUERTO ESCONDIDO BOLITAS PAPATOTS extra cujientes, con ingreientes adicionales todo envuelto en una tortilla de harina artesanal.

Tres bolitas, tu receta favorita de PapaTots, doblemente crujientes envuelta en una tortilla de harina artesanal

Bolitas simples, frijoles estofados, quesillo, salsa de la casa
Cualquiera de nuestras bolitas veganas, frijoles estofados y pico de gallo
Bolitas mexicanas, frijoles estofados, quesillo, pico de gallo y crema de aguacate
Bolitas eneldo y limón, jalapeños rellenos, quesillo, pico de gallo y aderezo ranch
Bolitas Indu, curry de lentejas, crema de pepino y salsa de cilantro
Bolitas de curri, quesillo, pepino, zanahoria, pico de gallo, aderezo thai de cacahuate y cacahuates tostados
Sabores mexicanos / italianos, bolitas mexicanas dedos de queso, pico de gallo, salsa marinara y crema de hierbas finas.
Agua Fresca refill
Dedos de Queso x6
Acompañados de salsa marinara
Jalapeños poppers
Jalapeños rellenos de queso crema y manchego / Orden de 3 / Orden de 6
*Chili (325 ml) SG
Deliciosos frijoles estofados con la receta de lacasa con queso o pico de gallo
Chili + 4 PapaTots simple SG
Chili + 4 PapaTots Sabores SG
Samosas x2
Famosas empanadas de la India rellenas de papa, chicharos, curry y cebolla, acompañadas de salsa de cilantro.


Salsas 1oz / 2oz
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1042 787


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