• Potato Balls
    For all of the potato lovers of the world
  • For all tastes.
    Deliciosas Bolitas de Papas fritas cocinadas en diferentes estilos.


Perfectly seasoned shredded, potato balls. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We have developed different flavors to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.


Our recipes were inspired by our love of flavor combinations from around the world, let your mouth do your traveling for you.

Health Conscious

We believe in moderation. Our fried products are cooked at an optimal temperature to ensure that a minimal amount of oil gets absorbed into the food. We also offer fresh, raw vegetable salads and other non-fried items for a balanced experience.

WELCOME TO PAPATOTSDelicious potato balls

We started developing recipes in 2014 and opened our store in November of 2015. We are located in the downtown area of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. When we moved to this coastal town we had no idea that we would be starting a fried potato restaurant. We had other business ideas but then reality slapped us in the face and we had to change our plans quite dramatically. The very first PapaTot was made when a fryer ended up in our possession. They were so good that we knew we had to bring this product to Puerto. We expanded on the classic recipe with different herbs, spices and cheeses. We have omitted flour, egg and preservatives from our product, preferring the flavor of 100% pure potatoes, and pair them with homemade condiments. Get ready, PapaTots will become your new obsession.

Nuestros EspecialesFresco y delicioso

Nuestro MenuHealthy & Tasty

  • PapaTots x4
  • Ensaladas y BurriTots
  • y Más...
Ajo y Romero
Eneldo y Limón
Queso Crema y Cebollin
Rajas con Queso
Chilli and Cheese


Jitomate, Aguacate y Cebollin con aceite de albahaca y vinagre balsámico.
Jitomate, Zanahoria y Pepino con aderezo de cacahuate


La receta original de North Oeste Americano

Tres bolitas, tu receta favorita de PapaTots, doblemente crujientes envuelta en una tortilla de harina artesanal

Bolitas simples, frijoles estofados, quesillo, salsa de la casa
Cualquiera de nuestras bolitas veganas, frijoles estofados y pico de gallo
Bolitas mexicanas, frijoles estofados, quesillo, pico de gallo y crema de aguacate
Bolitas Indu, curry de lentejas, crema de pepino y salsa de cilantro
Agua Fresca refill
Dedos de Queso x4
Jalapeños Rellenos x6
Media de Jalapeños
*Chili (325 ml)
Chili + 4 PapaTots simple
Chili + 4 PapaTots Sabores
Samosas x2
*Deliciosos frijolitos estofados con la receta de la casa


Salsas 1oz / 2oz
Bola extra
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